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One Woman’s Struggle with Weight Loss & Her Success

August 14, 2015
weight loss inspiration

If you’ve ever struggled to exercise or lose weight and given up over and over again you’re not alone. Many people struggle with low self esteem and a belief that weight loss is too hard. Tanya thought the same thing. Then her sister challenged her to get her body back and a special sister’s only trip to the Steve Harvey Awards in Atlanta if she lost 50 pounds. Tanya’s determination kicked in and she’s lost 67 POUNDS and is still…

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MomNMe Fit Virtual 30 Day Fitness Challenge

February 9, 2015

The momNmeFit challenge is a virtual 30-day Fitness Challenge designed to provide mothers with a structured program that will help encourage, educate and empower them to a healthier lifestyle in 2015. However, unlike other fitness challenges, the momNmeFit challenge is a trailblazing program focusing on teaming mothers up with their kids so that they can participate in this journey of health and fitness as a family. This 30-day adventure forges the proper habits needed for healthy living. Mothers and kids…

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Moms Getting Fit on a Tight Schedule

January 12, 2015
busy moms getting fit

We all wonder why there is never enough when it comes to health and fitness. For parents, especially moms, it is even harder because they have to fit so many tasks in their daily agendas. These tasks not only revolve around themselves, but rather around an entire family making time even shorter. Managing time and prioritizing is the key to success. How important is it for you to stay healthy and to influence your kids to be healthy as well?…

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Beach Fitness Fun!

August 1, 2014
headed to the beach

Tons of people head to the beach throughout the summer for vacation because who doesn’t love the beach? Whether you like to walk on the board walk, sit on the beach, or swim in the ocean, you can make beach fitness fun! The beach may be a very fun place to go to so that you can relax, but it’s also a good place to exercise! A lot of people get in a good workout at the beach without even intending…

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Neila Rey: Fitness Extraordinaire

May 31, 2014

If you’re a geek for anything relating to comic books or superheroes, then do I have a workout for you! Not only is it quick and easy to execute, but it works out every muscle in your body, making it perfect for busy bees who want to stay in shape. The best part? The creator of the workouts, Neila Rey, based each of her fitness plans off of a famous superhero or comic book figure.   The Benefits of Neila…

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