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Top 5 Affordable Active Wear Shopping Spots

February 11, 2016
affordable active wear options

  There is no getting around it, fashion-forward fitness is a style movement that is going strong in the 20-teens and isn’t likely to go anywhere, anytime soon. Before you get with the program, we can help ease the transition. Instead of painstakingly searching for hours on end for the most affordable places to unleash your fresh active wear obsession, we did all the grunt work for you.  Our list is ordered by price point, lowest to highest; all are…

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Fitness Forward Fashion: Top 5 Affordable Active Wear Options

November 21, 2015
fashionable fitness wear

Fashion has had many love affairs over the years: Some trysts are more long-term; other trends are thrown away like yesterday’s Snapchats. Fashion is uniquely fickle and faithful and gets a laminated get-out-of-jail-free card, forgiven for any of its flighty discrepancies. Despite the flightiness of some of fashion’s affections, fitness and fashion have been flirting since the 1930’s and 40’s, when American designers started to create functional, more breathable garments for travelling and playing sports. Let’s fast-forward to the 80’s,…

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Moms Getting Fit on a Tight Schedule

January 12, 2015
busy moms getting fit

We all wonder why there is never enough when it comes to health and fitness. For parents, especially moms, it is even harder because they have to fit so many tasks in their daily agendas. These tasks not only revolve around themselves, but rather around an entire family making time even shorter. Managing time and prioritizing is the key to success. How important is it for you to stay healthy and to influence your kids to be healthy as well?…

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Beach Fitness Fun!

August 1, 2014
headed to the beach

Tons of people head to the beach throughout the summer for vacation because who doesn’t love the beach? Whether you like to walk on the board walk, sit on the beach, or swim in the ocean, you can make beach fitness fun! The beach may be a very fun place to go to so that you can relax, but it’s also a good place to exercise! A lot of people get in a good workout at the beach without even intending…

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New Fun Fitness Trends

September 10, 2013

Jumping Jacks, Jogging and Sit – Ups are all exercises we have been familiar with for years.  In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle you must remain active, however the same old exercises we have practiced since childhood does not often make the cut.  A recent finding in an article by the Daily News reviews a few new fun fitness trends for not only adults but kids of all ages.  Tabata, Parkour and TRX for Kids are a couple of group…

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Stamped Post Workout Cleanser!

February 5, 2013

Greeting Stampees!  You won’t believe what I’ve found while perusing the internet.  I actually came across a cleanser that is made for post-workout.  Due to the oil build-up and sweat from working out, our skin often overloads and lands us with a ton of acne.  Well, this might be the answer to our skin enemy!   The name of this cleanser is: Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser.  This cleanser promises to infuse your skin with antibacterial, powerful antioxidants, astringents and moisturizing…

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What I Listen to When I Work Out

January 29, 2013

The type of music I like listen to when I work out is Hip Hop. I say hip hop because it helps me when I want to give up because the sound of the beat is saying keep going and it pumps me up and it makes me more energized and eager to exercise. Hip hop motivates me to get up and move! That’s the type of music I listen to when I work out.…

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