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Fitness Apps That Make Being Healthy Sound Like a Semi-Good Idea

December 21, 2016
fitness apps

Fitness apps have been my personal life saver! I would consider myself a pretty lazy person when it comes to making an effort to work out. It always just seems like such a chore, or I’ll try to make myself busy or make excuses so that I don’t have to deal with getting on the floor and doing a few sit-ups. There are a few new fitness apps that I was introduced to lately that really make working out seem…

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Fashion Fitness

Stylish Wearable Technology That Won’t Break your Bank

December 8, 2015
wearable technology options

The hi-tech future is ever-present in 2015, and fashion refuses to be left in the dust. Wearable technology is the new(ish) craze emptying our pockets, and now high fashion wants to throw its 2 cents in (we wish it was 2 cents!). Wearable technology, upon its conception, was geared towards techies, the aesthetics taking a back seat with simple designs and solid colors for the most part. Just the simple fact that you can wear a watch that does [way]…

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