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How to BBQ Healthy

June 16, 2016
healthy summer bbq tips

Are you excited about the bbq season? Are you thinking of all of your favorites like ribs and burgers or your favorite potato or pasta salad? If you enjoy grilling and eating at bbq’s like I do, I am sure you can not wait to enjoy the char of your favorite dishes and the time spent outside enjoying great weather and great food! This is one of the best times of the year to celebrate food! During this season you…

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Preparing for High School Varsity Soccer

April 14, 2014

To prepare for high school soccer the most important thing you must have to have is commitment. Soccer in general requires a lot of running, and if you really want to stand out you have to have stellar ball skills as well. Having stellar ball skills requires training with the ball every day! Personally I prefer to play a much more technical game than you would see in an English game. In my opinion, footwork is what makes a player…

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