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How Teaching Students to Dab Helps with Math

January 4, 2017
dab angle

Dabbing and math are basically my two worst enemies, so it seems like a mistake that somehow the two could fit together. I find the frustration of trying to figure out a geometry question to be just as if not more infuriating then going into a store to find at least one kid dabbing through the aisles while casually reaching for the mac and cheese. Everywhere I look, someone is dabbing…and I feel like that trend was over long ago.…

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100th Birthday & 50th Anniversary!!

March 28, 2013

This is the 50th anniversary of “Singing In The Rain” and the 100th  birthday for its star, Gene Kelly!!  Use this anniversary to do a video survey of the movie, which is a classic!  You may have to help your students understand certain parts but, they will love it!!   Once you have watched the movie, have students create fun fact lists in your computer lab. Example: many of the characters were based on real people: Lena Lamont was based on the…

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Hero Dance Pt. II

March 7, 2013

Now that students have created their movement piece about their hero, have them present to each other.  To further advance the meaning, have students bring in an artifact that represents their hero (like a picture or an object).  Students will lean towards people that are not living. Express to them the hero can still be living AND the dances can be happy!   Whatever the hero or dance, the purpose is to convey meaning!!  Use the peer evaluation as a tool…

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Physical Education

Getting Them Up And MOVIN’!!

December 19, 2012

According to all of the studies by the American Association of Pediatrics and others, our nation is facing an epidemic of childhood obesity!!   How do we fix it?!  Our children need a combination of diet and exercise; our first line of defense is to make this part of the school day.  Students will embrace this combination when it seems relevant to where they “live” today.  As teachers, the sooner we master this notion the quicker we will get to the…

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