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Rockstar Health and Fitness

May 10, 2013

Rockstar Health & Fitness is an online show that teams host Lori Rischer with celebrities for the purpose of delving into their health, diet, and fitness routines. Rockstar H&F (shot in the Hollywood Hills, CA) takes us deeper into the healthy habits of the celebrities; sharing their health tips, and giving us an inside look at how they stay healthy and fit even with their busy schedules. It’s created by Lori Rischer and Sera Roadnight and produced By SkeeTV. About…

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Do Your Kids Know Chi Chi Monet? Because They Should…

April 4, 2013

As soon as I walk into Bell Multicultural High School I can hear screaming of cheers and singing along with Miss Chi Chi Monet. I rush to the auditorium to find everyone from the age of 6 to 56 up on their feet dancing and moving to Chi Chi’s new single, ‘Move’. The audience loves the 10 year old rapper who is just too cute and boy does she have a voice! I see another little girl who looks just…

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What I Listen to When I Work Out

January 29, 2013

The type of music I like listen to when I work out is Hip Hop. I say hip hop because it helps me when I want to give up because the sound of the beat is saying keep going and it pumps me up and it makes me more energized and eager to exercise. Hip hop motivates me to get up and move! That’s the type of music I listen to when I work out.…

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Relevance & Rigor!

January 29, 2013

As a dance teacher at an inner city school, one of my best ways is the music that I select or should I say let the students select.  I keep a stack of blank cds and I distribute these to students for music with the parameter that it must be “Rated G’ and school appropriate- it has to pass the Grandma test- Would you play it for your Grandma?  Do students ever try to sneak music past you?  Yes!! As…

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