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Why Movie Night With Mom Doesn’t Have to Suck

February 15, 2017
enjoy movie night

Movie night with mom has always been the absolute worst; but lets just be honest – we all know that you are probably slacking when it comes to being on mom’s good side, right? Can you really remember the last time that you did anything special just for your mom? Something to really make her feel special and warm and fuzzy inside? No so you haven’t? It never even crossed your mind? Well then, that’s how you know you’re in…

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Teen Trends

How Teaching Students to Dab Helps with Math

January 4, 2017
dab angle

Dabbing and math are basically my two worst enemies, so it seems like a mistake that somehow the two could fit together. I find the frustration of trying to figure out a geometry question to be just as if not more infuriating then going into a store to find at least one kid dabbing through the aisles while casually reaching for the mac and cheese. Everywhere I look, someone is dabbing…and I feel like that trend was over long ago.…

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Fashion Fitness

Top 5 Affordable Active Wear Shopping Spots

February 11, 2016
affordable active wear options

  There is no getting around it, fashion-forward fitness is a style movement that is going strong in the 20-teens and isn’t likely to go anywhere, anytime soon. Before you get with the program, we can help ease the transition. Instead of painstakingly searching for hours on end for the most affordable places to unleash your fresh active wear obsession, we did all the grunt work for you.  Our list is ordered by price point, lowest to highest; all are…

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Do You Want Fries With That?

September 10, 2013

The Happy Meal; specifically targeted for children is a quick and easy meal that puts a smile on every kids face and a hush to the mid-day tummy growls.  The Happy Meal has been sold at McDonalds since 1979 and continues to sell at a whopping one million per day in the United States alone. Happy Meals, depending on the combination of food and drink can be about 400-600 calories per meal.  “As a result, childhood obesity rates in America…

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Student Section

Ever Heard of NCCPUD?

March 28, 2013

Ever heard of NCCPUD? National Capital Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking? If you haven’t, shame on you! Just kidding. Not only am I a MEC Kid ambassador but I am also a NCCPUD advocate. At NCCPUD we endorse healthy lifestyles by not only preventing underage drinking and unhealthy activities such as smoking and drinking, but also by showing them what they could and should be participating in instead. Some activities would include joining organizations such as NCCPUD and MECKids which…

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