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Sneaky Sugar

March 12, 2013

When you read the labels on foods in your supermarket, it’s no surprise that you find plenty of sugar in products like cake mix, ice cream, jelly, cookies, and soda. But it can be downright shocking to see 12 grams of sugar in bottled pasta sauce or barbecue sauce — and even more so to find 50 grams of sugar in a healthy-sounding bottled tea! Just because there’s a nutrition-oriented statement on the package (like “contains whole grain,” “excellent source…

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February 19, 2013

Do    not    skip    breakfast — or    grades    could    pay    a    price.   Evidence suggests that eating breakfast really does help kids learn. After fasting all night, a developing body and brain need a fresh supply of glucose — or blood sugar. That’s the brain’s basic fuel. Dozens of studies from as far back as the 1950s have consistently shown that children who eat breakfast perform better academically than those who don’t. In…

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