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Get Kids Fit, 5 Ways to Set the Example not to Quit!

October 13, 2014
get kids fit

Parenting is the toughest yet most rewarding job you will ever have in your life. With the copious amounts of responsibility to work and raise your kids, you may find it difficult on top of day-to-day tasks add in exercise. Knowing it must be done is half the battle. Luckily, MECKids can help with the other half. Here are 5 great tips on how to get your kids involved with exercise! 1. Be the example! Show them it’s fun. If…

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Beach Fitness Fun!

August 1, 2014
headed to the beach

Tons of people head to the beach throughout the summer for vacation because who doesn’t love the beach? Whether you like to walk on the board walk, sit on the beach, or swim in the ocean, you can make beach fitness fun! The beach may be a very fun place to go to so that you can relax, but it’s also a good place to exercise! A lot of people get in a good workout at the beach without even intending…

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Fitness Physical Education Student Section

Neila Rey: Fitness Extraordinaire

May 31, 2014

If you’re a geek for anything relating to comic books or superheroes, then do I have a workout for you! Not only is it quick and easy to execute, but it works out every muscle in your body, making it perfect for busy bees who want to stay in shape. The best part? The creator of the workouts, Neila Rey, based each of her fitness plans off of a famous superhero or comic book figure.   The Benefits of Neila…

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Fitness Nutrition Student Section

10 Ways to Boost Your Exercise Motivation

December 2, 2013

  Like me you may want to know how to keep moving when you don’t want to…so here are my 10 favorites for motivation. Be realistic Unfortunately, first-time exercises come up with unrealistic targets that are too ambitious. Gerald Endress, fitness director of the Duke Diet and Fitness Center in Durham, N.C. says, “They want to go for maximal goals, but they tend to get overwhelmed.” Instead set more reachable goals that you know you can reach.  Keep Track of…

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Fitness Nutrition

What Do The People Think About Metabolism

October 14, 2013

Many people hear the word metabolism used in common health conversations such as, “I have a very high metabolism.” or “I have a very low metabolism.”  Even though we often use this word almost everyday do we really know what it means and its relation to both weight loss and weight gain? Metabolism is the energy used for your body to function , including burning calories and breaking down food.  A calorie is the amount of energy a food or…

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New Fun Fitness Trends

September 10, 2013

Jumping Jacks, Jogging and Sit – Ups are all exercises we have been familiar with for years.  In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle you must remain active, however the same old exercises we have practiced since childhood does not often make the cut.  A recent finding in an article by the Daily News reviews a few new fun fitness trends for not only adults but kids of all ages.  Tabata, Parkour and TRX for Kids are a couple of group…

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Do Your Kids Know Chi Chi Monet? Because They Should…

April 4, 2013

As soon as I walk into Bell Multicultural High School I can hear screaming of cheers and singing along with Miss Chi Chi Monet. I rush to the auditorium to find everyone from the age of 6 to 56 up on their feet dancing and moving to Chi Chi’s new single, ‘Move’. The audience loves the 10 year old rapper who is just too cute and boy does she have a voice! I see another little girl who looks just…

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Fitness Local Nutrition

Carbohydrates Broken Down

March 21, 2013

  The glycemic index,(GI) provides a measure of how quickly blood sugar levels rise after eating a particular type of food. The effects that different foods have on blood sugar levels vary considerably. The glycemic index estimates how much each gram of available carbohydrate in a food raises a person’s blood glucose level following consumption of the food, relative to consumption of pure glucose. The scale ranges from 0-100, with 100 being pure sugar. Foods with high GI tend to…

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Dance Fitness Physical Education Student Section


March 12, 2013

Once students have established a movement vocabulary, I like to have them write the rubrics-using a 1-4 scale.  I keep it simple and have them create under three areas: Technique Artistry Intent Under technique, What is a 4?  (Pointed feet, jumps that leave the floor, land quietly, etc). Divide the class into the three areas and let them own the learning!  This also helps them in regards to peer and self evaluation to be able to put into words what…

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Dance Events Fitness Physical Education Student Section

Hero Dance Pt. II

March 7, 2013

Now that students have created their movement piece about their hero, have them present to each other.  To further advance the meaning, have students bring in an artifact that represents their hero (like a picture or an object).  Students will lean towards people that are not living. Express to them the hero can still be living AND the dances can be happy!   Whatever the hero or dance, the purpose is to convey meaning!!  Use the peer evaluation as a tool…

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Fashion Fitness

Stamped Spotlight: Lululemon

March 7, 2013

A good way to get motivated for a good workout is to buy some fashionable workout attire.  I have a few favorite spots for shopping for said attire, but for now I’ll just share one. I’m turning the spotlight on Lululemon.  They specialize in technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, dancing, and most other sweaty pursuits for men and women.  Whether you are a yoga head or an avid runner, this store has the gear for you.  Here are my…

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