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One Woman’s Struggle with Weight Loss & Her Success

August 14, 2015
weight loss inspiration

If you’ve ever struggled to exercise or lose weight and given up over and over again you’re not alone. Many people struggle with low self esteem and a belief that weight loss is too hard. Tanya thought the same thing. Then her sister challenged her to get her body back and a special sister’s only trip to the Steve Harvey Awards in Atlanta if she lost 50 pounds. Tanya’s determination kicked in and she’s lost 67 POUNDS and is still…

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Meckids at the Mystics Game!

August 1, 2013

Lets GO Mystics!   MECKids Goes to the Mystics Game! The Washington Mystics versus San Antonio Silver Stars game was incredible. From the National Anthem all the way to the last buzzer. Special thanks to Capital One for the tickets, we had amazing seats and cool cups. In the first quarter you could tell the game was going to be good. The team was pumped up throughout the entire game. The Mystics took no time to start scoring and take…

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MECKids Get's Kids Movin!

April 11, 2013

The MECKids team had an amazing time at the Get Kids Movin! Event, this past weekend. We jumped; hula hooped and stretched our muscles with our student participants. The Boulevard at the Capital Centre will never be the same again! Our interactive hula hoop activity was a BIG HIT, even parents were excited to move along with our MECKids team. A host of dynamic talent and organizations showcased a fun-filled production to raise awareness about childhood obesity prevention, including ten year…

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Do Your Kids Know Chi Chi Monet? Because They Should…

April 4, 2013

As soon as I walk into Bell Multicultural High School I can hear screaming of cheers and singing along with Miss Chi Chi Monet. I rush to the auditorium to find everyone from the age of 6 to 56 up on their feet dancing and moving to Chi Chi’s new single, ‘Move’. The audience loves the 10 year old rapper who is just too cute and boy does she have a voice! I see another little girl who looks just…

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Hero Dance Pt. II

March 7, 2013

Now that students have created their movement piece about their hero, have them present to each other.  To further advance the meaning, have students bring in an artifact that represents their hero (like a picture or an object).  Students will lean towards people that are not living. Express to them the hero can still be living AND the dances can be happy!   Whatever the hero or dance, the purpose is to convey meaning!!  Use the peer evaluation as a tool…

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