10 Pairs of the Most Amazing Slippers You’ve Ever Seen!

March 29, 2017
amazing slippers

Slippers are essential to make lounging around the house even more relaxing! I remember when I was young, my first pair of slippers were super comfy and bright pink with monkey heads on the top of them. As childish as they sound, I still take comfort in knowing that I can walk around my house as an adult and not feel judged for walking on little clouds with cute or funny designs on them.

I actually just recently had to throw out my Pikachu slippers because they were starting to look a bit raggedy. As much as I wanted to keep them, they just weren’t as comfy as they used to be a few years ago, and Pikachu’s face was starting to look  like he’d been in one too many kickboxing rounds. But my birthday is just around the corner, and I know my husband won’t think twice about picking up the goofiest, cutest pair of slippers he can find for me.

The key to a good slipper is of course, the comfort, and the level of ridiculousness. You want to feel like you’ve just stepped into a pair of memory foam shoes while also feeling pretty confident about how weird you probably look. Here are my top ten amazingly weird slipper picks that you’ll just have to try out for yourself!

amazing slippersShark Slippers $30

This is on the top of my list because they are absolutely adorable…and they’re sharks! Never thought you would hear the words “adorable” and “sharks” in the same sentence? Well, think again! These amazing slippers from TopShop are to die for. Before you walk into any room, be sure to hum the Jaws theme song. People will never see your cleverness coming.

amazing slippersFlamingo Princess Slippers $25.00

Yep, you read it right. These aren’t just flamingo slippers… they’re PRINCESS flamingo slippers. You’ll always feel like royalty when you walk around with these adorable ASOS slippers. Plus, look how fluffy they are! They look so comfy!


amazing slippersGrizzly Bear Paw Slippers $24.95

Grab a pair of these slippers and prepare to hibernate for the rest of the winter! These awesome bear paw slippers from Bunny Slippers are super thick for extra comfort and support. For extra warmth and cuteness, find some grizzly bear footie pajamas. You will be envied at every pajama party.


Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers $34.95

amazing slippersFor you nerds out there or for anyone who’s parents made them sit down and watch a Monty Python movie with them, you will definitely appreciate these slippers. And if you’re someone who has never heard of Monty Python, but still appreciates a crazy pair of slippers, these killer bunny slippers from Bunny Slippers are perfect for you.

Finn Adventure Time Slippers $24.95

amazing slippersFrom one of my favorite shows from Cartoon Network, these Finn Adventure Time slippers are literally amazing. I want them so badly for myself. Anyone else who is a fan of the show will know feel the same way. You can find these cute slippers at Bunny Slippers. If you know someone who is a huge Adventure Time fan, give them the gift of feeling like they’re walking around the Land of Ooo with Finn Mertens!

Mario and Luigi Slippers $24.95

These slippers are great because you get the best of both worlds. Most slippers I’ve seen only allow you to choose between Mario or Luigi. Now, you can have one on either foot! It’s a dream come true! Now you don’t have to choose between the dynamic duo! These slippers also found at Bunny Slippers have the ultimate comfort level because the footbed is filled with high density foam! You’ll feel like your floating along with Mario or Luigi when you play Super Mario Galaxy.

T-Rex Dinosaur Slippers $27.95

Ever imagined stomping around your house with an entire T-Rex on your foot? Me either, but now with these awesome slippers, you never have to! These fabulous slippers from Bunny Slippers actually cover your entire foot, not just your toes. Slip your whole foot into the T-Rex back and let the heel of your foot experience a type of warmth it’s probably never felt from other slippers.

amazing slippersBB-8 Slippers $29.95

I don’t know about you guys, but I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it was pretty epic. BB-8 was obviously the best character. Now for some added technical support, you can invite BB-8 to join your relaxation team and lead you to a sweet, peaceful victory.


Domo Glasses Slippers $24.95

amazing slippersYes, even internet memes have their own slippers. Now you can have your very own Domo Kun slippers.  If you thought you had the most unique slipper collection, think again. If you thought you knew every meme there is, you thought wrong. This 2001 mascot is making a comeback, and instead of causing chaos and destruction, he wants to make you feel at peace.

amazing slippersJack Skellington Slippers $24.95

These surprisingly cheap and adorable slippers are perfect for the winter season. Just pop in “A Nightmare Before Christmas” and slip into your new Jack Skellington slippers and you’re already having a pretty good night so far.


These must have slippers are all on my birthday list this year, and while I obviously won’t be receiving all of them, I hope you guys are able to get at least one pair to start your awesome slipper collection or maybe even add a few to the ones you already have!  I’m secretly hoping I get the BB-8 slippers!

Do you guys have any awesome slippers that you own? Do you own any of these slippers? Send  a picture of your cool new or old slippers to us on  twitter! Leave your comments down below!
This is a guest post by Megan Dean who is an up-and-coming blogger who is currently writing exclusively for the MECKids.

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