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Why Movie Night With Mom Doesn’t Have to Suck

February 15, 2017
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Movie night with mom has always been the absolute worst; but lets just be honest – we all know that you are probably slacking when it comes to being on mom’s good side, right? Can you really remember the last time that you did anything special just for your mom? Something to really make her feel special and warm and fuzzy inside? No so you haven’t? It never even crossed your mind? Well then, that’s how you know you’re in trouble.

When I was a freshman in high school, I didn’t know what to get my mom for her birthday. But I remembered earlier that year, someone gave me a coupon for a thirty minute massage. So instead of taking the time to even try to pick out something that she might want or plan something nice for her, I just re-gifted the coupon to her. You know the worst part about that? She was actually with me when I received the coupon! Yeah, I know I’m a huge jerk, huh? I always think about that moment and feel so bad! That’s why from that point on I decided to pick out gifts that she would enjoy or plan something that I  know she would really like. That’s when this simple idea came to me, movie night!

I always hated sitting down and watching movies with my mother because after watching The Sound Of Music one hundred times, I hated myself. If I had to hear the Do Re Mi song one more time I was going to scream! And if it wasn’t The Sound Of Music it was one of the thousands of James Bond movies. That’s why I came up with a perfect idea to treat my mother and myself when it came to movie night. Every mom everywhere deserves it, and don’t worry…it’s simple to plan. Just follow a few of these simple steps and you’ll be on your mother’s good side all the time.

Pick Your Entertainment Wisely!

My mom is into watching the same movies over and over again and I’m sure your mom is too. James Bond, Mission Impossible or The Sound of Music, are at the top of her list of annoying movies that she watches. So when you’re planning movie night with mom the key is this: Pick something brand new! It has to be something she’s never heard of before. Something that she can’t say, “Oh, I heard Wendy Williams talking about that movie and she hates it so I don’t want to watch it.” It has to be something that you’ve heard of and love, but also something that you know she’ll love too.

So how can you pick something for movie night with mom? You have to really know your mom and what she likes in order for this to work. You have to know her favorite genre, or her favorite movies and go from there. I know my mother loves cheesy action flicks, romances, musicals, mystery, and dramas. If we’re going to watch tv, I pick shows like Supergirl, Agents Of Shield, or Galavant. For movies, I would pick something like The Siege of Jadotville, The Finest Hours, and Moonrise Kingdom. All of the choices I’ve mentioned are shows and movies I introduced my mom to and she fell in love with them, her favorites were Supergirl and Galavant. When you find something that you can both watch together and enjoy, it becomes even more fun for both of you!

Set Up An Awesome for Movie Night with Mom

Your mom should be like your best friend! What would you do if your best friend was coming over for a movie night? You would make the place look amazing, right? So pick a few comfy blankets, or a spare mattress, throw it on the floor and make an amazing fort. Get the comfiest pillows you can find and spread them all around for extra comfort. If you have decorative lights or lanterns, string them around your fort. Make the place look incredible and fun!

Get Your Snack On!

Movie time and snacking go hand in hand! Make sure you have all the essentials ready like popcorn and candy, but maybe throw in a few of her favorite snacks too! My mom’s favorite drink is mint hot chocolate so I always make her some for our movie night. Look up some creative recipes on Pinterest for snacks.  I always make churros to go with our hot chocolate and if it’s dinner time whenever we do movie night, we make our own french bread pizza or get a few boxes of pepperoni Digiorno pizza and lay out a bunch of different toppings you could put on it. Snacking is the one thing to make your movie night complete! If your mom sees you cooking for her, whether you’re heating up some buffalo wings and laying out celery and ranch or figuring out how to make your own slushies, I’m sure she’ll appreciate all the effort!

So there you have it! Treating your mom to something so special on a random day when she gets home from an exhausting day at work will really make her day. Finding the perfect movie or show to watch, decorating your space to look like a beautiful hang out area, and getting the perfect snacks so she doesn’t have to worry about dinner seems like the perfect way to say thank you for everything that she does for you. You’ll get closer to your mother and she’ll realize that you really do appreciate her after all!
Have you ever done anything like this with your mother? Do you think that your mom would love something like this? Please share in the comment section below!

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