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How Teaching Students to Dab Helps with Math

January 4, 2017
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Dabbing and math are basically my two worst enemies, so it seems like a mistake that somehow the two could fit together. I find the frustration of trying to figure out a geometry question to be just as if not more infuriating then going into a store to find at least one kid dabbing through the aisles while casually reaching for the mac and cheese. Everywhere I look, someone is dabbing…and I feel like that trend was over long ago. When it started, I was still wincing and cringing at the teenagers/young adults my age that I would pass by in the mall doing the ridiculous dance. It felt like I was back in the past when jerking and the Dougie were still a thing. Middle school dance floors were full with pre-teens and teachers skipping backwards and swaying left to right while waving their arms above their heads. I really don’t miss those moments! Just when I thought all that embarrassment was over, dabbing is introduced and boy, is it still more popular than ever. So popular in fact, that one college student went viral when she was actually able to make it part of her math curriculum.

Who knew that a subject so many people hate could actually turn into something kind of fun and honestly, pretty hysterical? I know my hatred for dabbing doesn’t mean that everyone has the same hatred, and I respect that. Hey, I wish that my math class was this interesting, because it definitely was NOT. Who knew that you could make a whole lesson plan out of dabbing or anything else that goes viral. Take Taylor Swift, for instance. Did you know that there is a simple math equation you can solve that tells you when her next album will drop? Or that there was an equation that lets you know with absolute certainty which side of your Oreo gets the icing? If math was this fun, I’m pretty sure every kid would actually be excited to go to class!

Anicca Harriot, a student at Regent University in Virginia, was the genius who decided to combine math and her love of dabbing. How did she do it you ask? Simple! Anicca was taking a walk with her friends between classes and decided to take some pictures near campus. Of course, here she is performing the famous dance move! Anicca has been taking a physics class and was learning all about vectors. This made her interested in calculating the angle of her dab. She did some calculations and finally came up with the solution. She had officially dabbed at 31.70 degrees. “I literally just sat on the floor outside of the classroom, pulled out my calculator and borrowed a ruler from my friend,” she stated. Her friends thought it was pretty funny, so she posted the calculation and the picture online, tweeting “I calculated the angle of my dab. How’s your Friday going?”

Anicca has officially reached the internet hall of fame for inspiring so many others to actually want to learn math and be creative. With people tweeting back “It’s worth mentioning that I want to be like @13adh13 (Anicca on Twitter) because she is insanely smart, beautiful, & full of grace, not because she went viral,” and “I’m proud that I understood the math.” Anicca was even contacted by the White House and asked to participate in a panel on STEM (science, math, technology, engineering, and mathematics). They want her to help encourage other girls like her to get into the these fields, and with her creativity and brilliant mind, I have no doubt that she has already done just that!

Combining two strangely different things in order to grab so many people’s attention about math is honestly so amazing. People were actually discussing math online! While we’re all so caught up in the next Hollywood scandal or school drama, this was something that got people’s minds off of the “dark” side of the internet and brought them back into the light. Everyone was able to join in on a community where you can share their interests of a trending topic and their love or hate of math. We all deserve a break every once in awhile, and I must say, though I still hate the concept of dabbing, even I was captivated by how a stupid trend  was turned into an educational conversation.  She was able to accomplish something that not many people are able to accomplish just by completing a simple math equation on her college campus. She were actually able to get people excited about math! Who knew! None of my teachers through out middle or high school were able to do that for me or my classmates! She were able to accomplish something that not many people are able to accomplish, just by completing a simple math equation on your college campus. So to that, I must say, bravo Anicca.

What do you think about this viral math problem? Do you guys know of any other trending topics you could turn into a math equation? Are you interested in a career in STEM? Can you figure out the solution for when Taylor Swift’s next album will drop?? Leave your answers down below!

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This is a guest post by Megan Dean who is an up-and-coming blogger who is currently writing exclusively for the MECKids.


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