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Fitness Apps That Make Being Healthy Sound Like a Semi-Good Idea

December 21, 2016
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Fitness apps have been my personal life saver! I would consider myself a pretty lazy person when it comes to making an effort to work out. It always just seems like such a chore, or I’ll try to make myself busy or make excuses so that I don’t have to deal with getting on the floor and doing a few sit-ups. There are a few new fitness apps that I was introduced to lately that really make working out seem more like a fun and leisurely thing to do instead of a time consuming, boring, and sweat-busting task. There are a few that I have yet to try, and some that I’ve tried and ended up loving! As a teen, you usually get your workouts from just going to gym class. But maybe you want to push yourself so you can try out for the school team or maybe you just want to try to tone up your body so that you can look your best when summer rolls around again! Whatever the case may be, making an effort to squeeze a quick workout into your hectic school schedule could be a really great thing for you in the long run! If you’re still not really feeling the horrible idea of actually working out outside of P.E., maybe these amazing health apps will change your mind on how you look at your next work out!

Daily Burn

This is probably the app that I’ve personally heard of the most and is most popular among my friends. If you haven’t heard of this app, get ready to have your mind blown. Daily Burn is an app where you are assigned your very own personal certified trainer to guide you through your work outs. You can stream over 500 different work out videos right on your phone, computer, tablet, or tv. You’re given a  personalized plan that fits your goals and fitness level, and is tailored especially for you. With over 20 different programs to choose from, you’ll always have a new workout to look forward to everyday. If you’re a beginner looking for a way to ease into a work out schedule that’s just right for you, try the “True Beginner” or “365” program. If you love to dance and want to use your moves to help you lose weight or tone your body, the “Move” program is just what you’re looking for. Everything from yoga and pilates, to cardio sculpting and body weight training, Daily Burn has everything that you could ever want if you want to customize your own work out program without spending hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer.

Map My Run

Map My Run really helps you get motivated when you’re trying to get into the habit of doing a daily run. This app does exactly what it says and more!  It has over 70 million running routes to choose from or you can make your own. It records your distance, speed, pace, how many calories you’ve burned, and so much more. Plus, at the end of your work out, you can share your stats and the routes you chose with your friends on social media. So definitely get out there and inspire yourself to start running or improve your running goals with this great app!


Waterlogged is actually my new favorite app that I use on a daily basis! It’s available for iOS and Android devices. I’m not someone who was ever a really big water drinker, until now. WaterLogged is there for people who probably aren’t drinking as much water as they should.  It helps remind you with charts and notifications everyday to keep you staying refreshed and hydrated. The app makes sure that your meeting your daily water intake quota. Water helps out your skin, hair, nails, and a big one for me – bloating. So getting enough of it everyday will keep our bodies healthy and happy! Waterlogged helps our bodies stay healthy and happy everyday, all day long.


Fooducate is an amazing app that helps you eat a little better everyday. Their motto is “Eat Better. Lose weight. Get healthy”. It has a health tracker so you can track exactly what you eat and help you make progress and reach your goals. You can even scan items that you have purchased or are about to purchase at the grocery store and Fooducate grades the item based on how healthy it is and can even offer you a healthier option if you want! You can also submit recipes and take a look at other recipes that other Fooducate members have created using healthier options! This is probably the coolest health app that I have come across yet! I would definitely recommend it to you the next time you go out shopping with your parents! Let them know about Fooducate and exactly what it does and maybe you could even start your whole family on a health kick! 

Spring Moves

This app has changed the way I work out. It is like the Holy Grail of all workout apps. You know how you put one of your favorite songs and start working out to it, but get a little frustrated because the song is going to the same beat as your movements? Well say goodbye to the days of frustration and hello to an app called Spring Moves! This app has playlists curated by DJs. They pick a group of songs that have a similar range of beats per minute so you have no problem syncing up your movements with the beat of the song. This app has over 35,000 songs so you won’t run out of songs to play or have to search for a new song to play while you’re working out. It even comes with a built in GPS for those days when you want your footsteps as your running to match the beat! This app has actually made me more enthusiastic about working out and actually made me work out even harder than usual!

I hope all of these apps come in handy to you when you feel like you can’t do one more boring rep or just don’t want to get up from watching the newest episode of “The Walking Dead.” Now you should be able to have your own personalized workouts tailored specifically to you, run the routes that you want to and actually be able to track your speed, never be dehydrated ever again, learn how to eat healthier, and have the dopest beats to jam to as you’re trying to get and stay healthy! Give one of them a try and see how you like it! Everyone needs a little bit of motivation to get up and moving, and I hope one of these can act as your inspiration!

Have any of you ever tried any of these apps? Did you like any of them? Did any of these apps sound cool to you? Leave your comments below!

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This is a guest post by Megan Dean who is an up-and-coming blogger who is currently writing exclusively for the MECKids.

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