Pokemon Go Has Officially Taken Over The World

December 7, 2016

From meeting new friends, to the spiciest of memes, to people shouting “Team Mystic!” at you even when you don’t want them to, Pokemon Go has been nothing but good times, a few laughs, and hours and hours of harmless fun. That is until reports like “Man Shot at Teens while playing Pokemon Go,” or “Armed Robbers Used Pokemon Go to Rob Unsuspecting Players,” or “Girl Finds Dead Body While playing Pokemon Go” swarmed you’re news feed on YouTube just because you typed in Pokemon Go hacks and Pokemon Go cringe. The app went from simply starting the game from you’re last save point and going from there, to the app opening with warning messages before you play like “Do not drive while playing Pokemon Go” and “ Do not enter restricted areas while playing Pokemon Go,” and “Mind your surroundings while looking for Pokemon.”

Pokemon Go Trespassing

Sometimes it may seem like Pokemon Go is turning more into a menace then an awesome game to pass the time!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of the Pokemon Go obsession. I’ve loved having a reason to actually take a walk around my neighborhood or to a nearby park. When I realized how incredibly rare it is to catch a Squirtle and Bulbasaur on you’re first and second try and I actually did, I felt like God had answered my prayers and  this was a sign  for good luck for all of eternity. Even stories like “People Are Going On Dates With People They Have Met Playing Pokemon Go” and “Mom uses Pokemon Go to Prank Her Son” make me realize that the game isn’t as menacing as some may think.  But the more I hear about these bizarre stories, the more it either makes me laugh or shake my head in disbelief about how out of control this game has really gotten. I feel like I HAVE to talk about it.  I want to let you guys in on the horrible dangers, cringiest hacks, and even the rumors of a new movie, all surrounding the buzz of this hot new game.

Some of the Dangers of Pokemon Go

friends playing Pokemon Go

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I’m sure us Pokemon Go fans can relate to this story: You’re walking around outside with you’re friend who lives in the middle of nowhere and as you’re completely draining you’re battery life, you realize that the only thing you have continuously spotted on you’re radar in the past few hours is a Pidgey and a Rattata.  Cool! You wonder when you’re going to run into a special Pokemon, like Charmander or even the great Pikachu himself. So you keep roaming around and around until you find one. Have you ever been so invested in trying to find or capture a Pokemon that you almost got hit by a car or walked into the middle of a busy highway? Unfortunately, this has happened so many times with some of us, that in some cases, it may have been too late.

Pokemon Go Accident For Autumn Nolan and Ryan Mannes, it was much too late.  Autumn Nolan is a 15-year-old girl who had simply asked to borrow her mother’s phone to play the game. Her mother reluctantly said yes, and 30 minutes later, found out that she had walked straight into oncoming traffic, and had been hit by a car. Even though Autumn didn’t have her eyes glued to the screen, she was still distracted by the game, and hadn’t realized a car was speeding directly towards her while she crossed the highway. While Autumn suffered a few injuries and will eventually be OK, the same could not be said for 14-year-old Ryan Mannes.  This young man was crossing a roadway with his friends while playing the game when he was struck and killed by a drunken motorcyclist. Pokemon Go Ryan MannesUnfortunately, Ryan was hit as he was trying to get back onto the sidewalk with his friends, but was too late. Stories like this remind us players that we need to be extremely careful when crossing roads or any busy streets while playing the game. Even if we’re being careful, drivers may not be. We don’t want to put our lives at risk   for something that is just a game. It is dangerous to play outside regardless if you’re playing Pokemon Go or not, which is why no matter what, we have to pay close attention to our surroundings and make sure we’re always playing it safe.


Why Pokemon Go Is So Much Fun

Pokemon Go Phone on ceilingAlthough Pokemon Go may have it’s dangerous and scary side, there’s also a fun and, well, completely stupid side as well. For those of you who are die-hard fans of the game, you’re probably constantly looking for the next greatest tips and hacks that can teach you how to Pokemon Go without actually going anywhere or how to evolve you’re Eevee into a Vaporeon. While those tips and hacks are pretty easy and can’t cause you any physical harm, there is one hack I’ve heard of recently that sounds like an accident waiting to happen. The tip is all about how to make you’re eggs hatch faster. If you desperately want you’re egg to hatch, don’t worry! Simply grab you’re cell phone, some duct tape, and you’re ceiling fan, and you’re good to go! Do you guys see where I’m going with this? Duct taping you’re fan to the ceiling fan and turning it on is apparently one of the best ways for you’re eggs to instantly hatch.

While it may sound like an ingenious idea at first, the outcome might make you look like a bit of an idiot. Take advice from Lexy Sipe, who tried this quick hack. “I couldn’t find any tape, so I MacGyvered the phone to the fan using a pair of spandex leggings. After I got my phone ‘secured’ I turned the fan on and watched it spin (on high) for maybe 15 seconds (thinking what a genius I was) before the phone slipped out of the leggings and flew right into my forehead.” Did she get the result she was hoping for? Yep! Her egg did hatch, but unfortunately, this wasn’t the way she had planned it to happen. Her golf ball sized lump went away in a matter of days, but left a painful memory in the form of a bruise, reminding her that it takes a bit of pain and suffering to get the things that you really want in life.Pokemon Go Hack gone wrong

When people are doing things like taking pictures to show that they look like their favorite Pokemon, making videos on Pokemon Go make up transformations, and even trying to make the effort to SMELL (…yes, I said smell..) like their favorite Pokemon, you know that the entire universe has Pokemon Go fever! Pokemon Go PerfumeIf you don’t believe me, take it from Academy Award winning director Oliver Stone who says that Pokemon Go is literally turning everyone into robots. So when I heard that there was going to be a live-action movie coming in 2017 based on the popular new app, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. But even though I wasn’t surprised, I still couldn’t help myself from blurting out the question “WHY?” to no one in particular because I was the only one in my house at the time. I guess I was just asking the PokeGods. Apparently, the movie is going to be called Detective Pikachu, which I’m guessing is going to be based on the ‘Great Detective Pikachu” 3DS game as well as Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go MovieGreat! A live-action Pokemon movie? Don’t even get me started on live action versions of cartoons. Anyone remember Fat Albert? Underdog? Dungeons And Dragons? Garfield? The list could go on and on. All I can say for Detective Pikachu is that they better do it right. I have high hopes, since Legendary Pictures – the company behind the amazing Dark Knight Trilogy – is in charge. As long as they pick Benedict Cumberbatch to star as Detective Pikachu, I’m all in.


Thanks to the incredible success of Pokemon Go, the world has seemed to completely blow up. With every gaming store I walk into shoving Pokemon collectibles and accessories in my face, and kids in my neighborhood constantly roaming around the streets (and sometimes into my backyard) to catch a Pokemon, I highly doubt the fad will die out anytime soon. Pokemon Go AddictionPokemon has been around since I was a kid, and growing up playing every Pokemon game on my DS and Game Boy, I had always wished there was a way to actually go outside and pretend to catch them yourself. Now that you actually can, it seems like everyone’s childhood dreams have come true. Even young kids who had probably never really heard of Pokemon before are getting excited about the concept. I think to a lot of young adults like me, it brings back a sense of nostalgia, whereas to kids in elementary and middle school, it’s the cool and hip new thing to do with their friends after school or on the weekends.  While it is advised that you be extremely careful while playing, Pokemon Go is an app that has made everyone come closer together and changed how we play. Making new friends and finally getting everyone outside is something that the developers should be proud of accomplishing.

What do you guys think? Do you enjoy Pokemon Go just as much as half the world does or are you completely uninterested in the app? What is the craziest Pokemon Go experience you have ever had? Talk to me about your own Pokemon Go stories in your comments below!

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