Essential Nutrients That Make Food Healthy

July 25, 2016
foods that provide essential nutrients

Do you find yourself searching for products fortified with the latest health ingredient that is being pushed? Bread with protein? Cereal with fiber added, fat free, sugar free do you ever wonder; what does that even mean? Am I really getting the essential nutrients?  This article is to help you get to the true source of the nutrients that you seek to help ensure that you get the greatest and most direct benefit.

There are many many messages on what to and what not to eat, leaving a need for something basic, realistic and that we can follow and see actual results from.

Mother nature has put all that we need out there and there is a huge variety of foods that you can incorporate into your diet to help. In this article I am going to discuss some nutrients that we often seek and the most natural and unprocessed way in which we can obtain them. This will allow you to navigate everyday nutrients that we all seek and need to live an optimal life.

Below you will find some familiar nutrients that we need to nourish our body with a “popular source” and an “alternative” that gives the benefit in an unprocessed and more effective manner.

calcium is an essential nutrientCalcium

  • Popular- Calcium fortified milk or other products / skinless Boneless chicken
  • Alternative –  Bone Broth/ Meats with the bone, cartilage and skin in them (pig feet, chicken thighs (bone in, ox tail)

By using meats with the bone and skin in them you are in turn giving your bones and skin helpful nutrients that are usually omitted from popular cuts of meat. As a result, these nutrients are usually sought in vitamins. I became even more interested in this when I tore my ACL and began healing it on my own. Click here for some of the natural solutions I sought out for knee pain and knee injuries. This gave me an interest in what foods to eat for effective healing; meats with the bone and all other items in it were added to the list.


  • Popular – Fat Free
  • Alternative – Good Fats

healthy fats an essential nutrientInstead of avoiding fats all together, eat good unprocessed foods. In this article there are a number of plant based fats. Learn more about the connection between good fats and a healthy brain. Below are some naturally fatty foods that give you the needed benefits of fat such as feeling full, fuel for your brain and so much more. 

  • Avocados
  • Unsalted and uncooked mixed nuts
  • Extra Virgin olive oil
  • Walnuts

fiber is an essential nutrientFiber

  • Popular – Fiber separated from foods
  • Alternative – Fiber rich fruits and veggies

There are many fruits and veggies that can provide a great amount of fiber. For more information, look at this list of fruits and vegetables that can be good sources of fiber. Deferring to fruits, veggies and other forms of fiber in its original form (ex: oatmeal) allows for even better digestion and absolution of nutrients.

With all foods, but especially fiber rich foods, be sure to follow with water.

I hope that this article was helpful and that you know you do not have to look outside of mother nature for what you need. Much of what is in the produce isle and other perimeter areas of the grocery store will give you all that you need to have a healthy body and be fully nourished.  

Let us know what you do to keep yourself and your family healthy!

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This is a guest post by Lillian Daniels who is a health advocate with extensive knowledge on healthy eating. Connect with Lillian on Instagram and be sure to check out her blog at

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