How to stay healthy while traveling

June 27, 2016
eating healthy while traveling

Would you like to stay healthy while traveling? Do you find yourself giving into salty, sugary and generally unhealthy foods when you are at the airport? During your time out of the country do you wish there were a way you could be just a little healthier even though you are on vacation?

In this article I hope to provide some tips on how you can truly make the most of your vacation and not backslide on healthy goals. Vacation is a time to relax and not really have to worry about too much. This is the perfect time to capitalize on the time off and make sure that during your time of rest you are also implementing tricks to make it easier to be healthy. During the summer and warmer months, you may travel outside of the country, frequent the airport and immerse yourself in other cultures. Below are some key things to keep in mind while on the go.

Eat healthy at the airport

bad airport snacksWhen flying be sure to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and staying away from foods that promote dehydration such as fried foods and salty snacks. Additionally, bring fruits and veggies with you in your carry on bag to prevent giving into temptation. This will save money as well as help you stay healthier.

TSA regulations permit non-liquid snacks as well as fruits that are easy to hold like an apple, pear or peach. For some easy and satisfying snacks as well and more insight into the regulations from TSA click here.

Enjoy the local fruit

try exotic fruitsWhen we go to the grocery stores in the United States, we may see many exotic fruits but frequently they are imported from other countries due to the unique climate. When traveling, this is a perfect time to experience some of your favorite fruits that are grown close by. Take advantage of the bananas, passion fruit, mangos and many more awesome fruits. When enjoyed in their country of origin, these fruits frequently taste noticeably richer than what you may usually find at your local grocery store. Click here for a quick guide on the fruit specific to each country.

Eat like the locals

eat local foodsTry for at least a day to eat what the locals eat. In many vacation destinations if you venture off of the beaten path set out for tourists, you can find tasty and authentic dishes that are healthier and prepared in the most basic way. This helps to contribute fresher food as well as you being able to authentically experience the culture.

In many countries you can find the same restaurants that are in the United States such a McDonalds or KFC. While on vacation try to stay away from those and stick to spots that specialize in local foods. This can frequently save you money as well as add to your experience! In many countries you can even find authentic treats while walking the streets. These certainly make for an exciting experience and allow you to try different flavor combinations that you may take back home to try.

Click here for vegetarian recipes from across the world so you can start cooking different dishes now if you like

Now I hope that you enjoy your vacations and get the opportunity to enjoy the foods native of the land!  

This is a guest post by Lillian Daniels who is a health advocate with extensive knowledge on healthy eating. Connect with Lillian on Instagram and be sure to check out her blog at

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