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How to BBQ Healthy

June 16, 2016
healthy summer bbq tips

Are you excited about the bbq season? Are you thinking of all of your favorites like ribs and burgers or your favorite potato or pasta salad? If you enjoy grilling and eating at bbq’s like I do, I am sure you can not wait to enjoy the char of your favorite dishes and the time spent outside enjoying great weather and great food! This is one of the best times of the year to celebrate food!

During this season you get to take advantage of your ability to cook outside and also use techniques that require little hassle and huge flavor! This is also a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family and really provide huge nutritional value by throwing fresh produce on the grill.

Unfortunately, the veggies and fruits can get passed up, but no worries I have some remedies for that! I hope the below tips add to the awesome grilling that you have this summer! BBQs are meant to be enjoyed and with these tips and you WILL NOT have to sacrifice all the great tastes that come along with summer time. Instead you will be able to add on even more summer time food favorites to the table.

BBQ Sides

  • Broiled red pepper – Broiled red peppers will truly impress your guests and keep them talking even after the bbq. Broiled red peppers is a quick easy one ingredient trick that only requires a grill or an oven that allows for broiling. Stop by my blog for an easy recipe!
  • Grilled squash –  Summer squash as well as zucchini are high in water content and perfect for the grill. You can marinade them over night or simply slice and throw on the grill.
  • Summer Fruits – Peaches, nectarines and even watermelon are great options to throw on the grill as a treat for the taste buds. Throw some fresh mint or basil into your fruit salad for an extra treat.

How to BBQ Healthier

  • Add veggies to inside of burgers – Whether you are making a turkey burger, beef burger or bean burger this is great opportunity to slip in extra veggies for additional nutrients. In addition to the veggies you can add in sauces such as Thai paste or Worcestershire sauce. Click here for a recipe that demonstrates how to add in veggies. 
  • Use mayonnaise alternatives – A lot of the sides that are made during the bbq season call for mayonnaise. Try out alternatives that are flavorful and nutritious! Try substituting vegan mayo (click here for a recipe) or use a chickpea based alternative. If you need an easy recipe for chickpeas click here

Use Marinades

  • Veggies –  A great way to eat veggies is on a kabob but if that is not an option no worries. Click here for a versatile marinade that you can soak most veggies in and then throw them on the grill.
  • BBQ MARINADE STEAKMeats – A marinade will make a huge difference in how your meats turn out. Simply throw the chicken, steak or other option into a ziploc bag with some special spice and sauces to really make a huge impact.
    • Chicken – I grew up with the lemon and thyme based marinade for chicken but I wanted to give you guys some more options. Click here for more of a variety.
    • SteakClick here for a number of marinade options to add even more flavor to your steak or beef.

You should be all set to have the best bbq of the summer filled with a balance in veggies fruits and a meat protein! Please let us know which ones you try out and what your favorite dish for the bbq’s is.

This is a guest post by Lillian Daniels who is a health advocate with extensive knowledge on healthy eating. Connect with Lillian on Instagram and be sure to check out her blog at

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