How To Help Teens Develop Healthy Lifestyle Habits

March 31, 2016
healthy lifestyle habits for teens

As a young adult there can be pressures to be a certain size or look a certain way. This is the unfortunate case. Despite this, one of the largest benefits of teen years is that this is one of the greatest times to implement healthy lifestyle habits that will stick for the rest of your life. There is pressure put on weight but it is more important to to be informed on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to create habits that will support that.

The topic of childhood obesity has been quite prevalent and is a nationwide issue. It is wonderful to know that you can influence your family to help them in losing weight and giving them healthy lifestyle habits that will help them long-term. It is critical that teens are informed and taught how to take care of their health and that they are given the tools to do so. One way we can help is to be aware of the habits that will promote a healthy weight and aggressively ward off obesity.

Here are 5 ways you can equip your teen with healthy lifestyle habits that will allow them to lead a healthy life. 

Healthy Lifestyle Tip #1: Stay Active

active teen ideasIncrease the opportunities that your young adult has to go outside and play or stay active. Encourage walking to a destination as much as possible in safe areas. Creating an active lifestyle will ingrain the habit of moving and make it easier to get in and stay in shape for your teen. Click here for a few easy exercises you can easily add to your daily routine and do anywhere.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip #2: Get healthy as a family!

teach teens to cook Cook with your teen and make it a family affair to learn healthy dishes that you can make at home from scratch this will allow the family to get in shape together and increase the probability of habits sticking. This allows everyone to be on the same page and be encouraging. Click here for some great tips to help your family create healthy meals together!

Healthy Lifestyle Tip #3: Choose healthier foods

healthy milk alternativesDairy and and meat products can be a huge source of hormones that can create an imbalance in and accelerate growth. Equip your teen with the tools to make alternatives to frequently used items such as eggs and milk. Check out my blog at for more information on my favorite milk alternative, cashew milk.          

Healthy Lifestyle Tip #4: Give tasty choices

healthy food choicesMake eating healthy a habit. Normalize good snacks and treats for example a great snack of apples and peanut butter or a veggie and hummus. Click here and check out my blog post for healthy smoothie ideas for teens!

Healthy Lifestyle Tip #5: Plant Something

teach teens to plant their foodPlanting food will give insight into how foods work as well as hone the palate to fresh fruits and veggies.  To plant a garden you can start small. Visit a local farm or join a CSA or buy a fresh herb plant from the local grocery store (my favorite is basil). If you have room you can plant an herb garden, vegetable garden or even fruits. Click here for more information on how to start a garden as a beginner.

By adding these habits to the routine of your teen, you will help them maintain a healthy weight as well as give them the tools to manage their health and weight as they grow up, in an informed and nutrient rich manner.  Remember you are ALWAYS what you eat and it is always a great time to learn to manage what they eat in order to achieve their goals of energy and the healthier the better!

I hope these pointers were helpful. Feel free to let us know which worked best for you and your teen!

This is a guest post by Lillian Daniels who is a health advocate with extensive knowledge on healthy eating. Connect with Lillian on Instagram.


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