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Top 5 Affordable Active Wear Shopping Spots

February 11, 2016
affordable active wear options


There is no getting around it, fashion-forward fitness is a style movement that is going strong in the 20-teens and isn’t likely to go anywhere, anytime soon. Before you get with the program, we can help ease the transition. Instead of painstakingly searching for hours on end for the most affordable places to unleash your fresh active wear obsession, we did all the grunt work for you.  Our list is ordered by price point, lowest to highest; all are chic enough to match your personal style and affordably priced for your budget. Think of this list of affordable active wear as an excuse to gift yourself some new workout duds in time for the holidays! Here are some places you can check out for affordable active wear options:

affordable active wear


They don’t call it the Target boutique for nothing! If you are looking to stand out without turning your pockets inside out, look no further. Most of Target’s active wear is under $50, and no less chic than its fitness-forward competitors. The superstore has a vast sports bra and legging selection in-store and online, however the real gem is the outerwear section, complete with hoodies, fleece performance jackets and puffer vests (in every color and pattern imaginable!).




fabletics affordable active wear One word: Discount. Everything is discounted. Need we say more? Okay, we we’ll say a little more. is one of those new-fangled websites that cut out the middle man to offer a quality product for less. They also begin your membership by collecting your preferences to cater to your personal style and in this case, your fitness regime. You can get a sports bra, top, and bottom styled for “you” for less than $45! Now do yourself a favor and stylishly take a step into a futuristic active wear discount landyou won’t regret it. We almost forgot to mention that Kate Hudson is the co-founder! 




Adidas affordable active wearWe are just going to come right out and say it, you cannot go wrong with Adidas! Not only has this brand been around since 1949, but its been breaking fashion barriers since the 80’s. Adidas is an unlimited onestop shop for everything that is active wear. From the quintessential track jacket and countless matching sets, to shoes made for almost every sports category, to an ankle length dress, the items start as low as $12.99 (wooooow). If you are less a fan of wearing big logos and more about fashion, Stella McCartneys high end line for Adidas is sans the well known logo and swapped for a more subtle counterpart. Check out the customize section on their website if youre feeling fancy.



X by Gottex

Gottex active wearGottex started as a glamorous swimwear line in 1956. X by Gottex is their modern love-child and an affordable active wear dream. In a land where it can take big bucks to be fashionable, X by Gottex gently tugs on your purse strings without causing too much controversy in your wallet. You can find this bright, inexpensive New York styled modern line in discount department stores like Nordstrom Rack,, and online on Amazon and ebay.




Without walls at Urban Outfitters

Without Walls affordable active wearThe wonderfully fashionable brand has Such a fitting name; without that invisible fashion wall separating fitness and fashion, you can merge these items into your closet smoothly and painlessly. Without Walls gives you an array of choices in the sports bra/legging territory with cutouts, florals and mesh to boot. The price point is pretty good, with items ranging from $38 to $170, including active outerwear garments and even a water bottle! Whether its hot yoga, hip-hop, or happy hour after work, this brand stylishly covers the basics of fashion-forward fitness wear.


Now that you have been given the gift of affordable options for chic workout clothes, where will you shop first? Our tip: Check out every spot online and compare and contrast prices and looks. Be sure to ask yourself which brands will best suit your lifestyle as well as your personal style. If you need help deciding what to buy, check out my article Fitness Forward Fashion: Top 5 Affordable Active Wear Options on

We want your opinion! Which sites have the most fashion-forward pieces? Which have the most affordable pieces? Leave a comment below!

This is a guest post by Shannon White, the choreographer of the MECKids Dream Team.

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