Nutritious Ramen Noodles 2.0

October 1, 2015
nutritious ramen noodles

It’s 2015 and the only thing we love more than cheap, is convenient. With the advent of microwave-ables and our favorite foods being available in the form of “instant”, time is no longer a concern. Add in the fact these items are often processed, we can assume they are affordable. However, quick and cheap doesn’t always mean nutritious and filling.

nutritious ramen noodles(Hot water + block of noodles + seasoning packet) x a quick boil on the stove OR nook in the microwave…

used to be equated with parents’ nostalgic tales of college and their late night study sessions coupled with ravenous hunger and tight budgets. However, not only has ramen become a trendy staple in the hottest Asian eateries but a friend for the budget and time conscious cooks in the kitchen.

Boasting a whopping $0.35-$0.55 a packet can definitely feed you for the low; however, they may leave you thirsty for more when it comes to your nutrition needs.

The “block of noodles” is often, at least in the case of instant noodles, deep fried and processed. The tiny seasoning packets used to create the broth, are big on sodium and processed ingredients increasing chances of reduction in health with every bite.

Despite, this…


And honestly, admitting that is only the first step. By simply tweaking the process just a tad, you can easily have a ramen experience that not only calls to your cravings but also ensures you aren’t skipping out on the nutrients you deserve to experience at every meal.

Some alternatives to plopping a brick of ramen and the sodium stripped seasoning packet in boiling water include:

  • Changing your noodle, whether that means eating a smaller portion of the noodles, or using an alternative altogether. However, beware of the white pasta!! Just as the pre-packaged noodles that come in the ramen packet lend little to your health, white pasta is just low in benefits. Try these alternatives:
  • Another option would be throwing in color via vegetables! This is a great way to not only make your ramen more visually appealing but also enhance the flavor of the broth! Furthermore, for those who often have no idea how to use leftovers or have veggies past their prime, this is a way to make sure they don’t go to waste! For example:
  • Speaking of leftovers, any and all left over meat dishes are great additions to ramen as well, ensuring you get your protein in. Or, for those of the veg- (vegetarian/vegan) variety opt for the plant based proteins!

Doing any or all of the above suggestions inherently, allows you to nix the sodium drenched seasoning packet and explore the flavors of your own hand! So grab some ideas from the above or have an improve ramen enhancing session with the contents of your pantry. Come back and share your results in your comments below!

Excerpt: Though ramen is known as the poor collegiate diet staple sometimes it’s exactly what we have a taste for. Yet, with it’s high sodium, high in fat, MSG doused make up at a very low nutritional profile, how can we save this comfy meal from being left behind in our pursuit towards a healthier lifestyle?

This is a guest post by Nicolette Graves who is a Nutrition Consultant and Health Education Specialist. Connect with Nicolette on Twitter and Instagram (@niktrition). 



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