Wrap-up of my summer fun!

August 1, 2014

It’s finally summer for Fairfax County after our extended school year due to snow, there are so many things for people to do during the three months we have off. A lot of people go on vacation or go to the pool, but a lot of people aren’t very active during the summer which is not good. In this blog I will introduce a lot of good ways to stay healthy in the summer. My summer will consist of a lot of soccer because I want to practice a lot so I can be prepared for High school soccer, also swimming, and biking, and running


I will be practicing/playing a lot of soccer this summer because I want to be as prepared as I can be for High school soccer. Soccer is a good activity to do to stay healthy, because it involves running and using a lot of your body’s muscle. In soccer you run a lot because that is just the way the game is, and in doing so it increases your muscular endurance. Also, it builds muscle into your legs too, but you don’t only use your legs muscle you use your shoulders, back, arms, and your abdominals. If you are outside playing soccer in this heat of the summer it will really get you fit, but it is important to drink a lot of water or you will start to get cramps in your legs. Soccer is a great thing to do in the summer whether it Is for a camp or with your friends or even by yourself. This is the perfect time to be playing soccer because this year the World Cup is on hopefully it will inspire many people to play!


Running, biking, and swimming are great things to do to be active. Especially now that it is summer you can go to the pool with your friends for hours! My friends and I love to ride our bikes all over the place sometimes we bike for hours to all sorts of places. You can bike on trails, through parks, or what I like to do just go on an adventure and see what you can find. Running can be a little intense in the summer heat but it will put you into shape, and since I’m going to be doing cross country in the fall it is important that I get some running in this summer.


There are also lots of camps that kids can go to have a lot of fun and to exercise. I’ve gone to a lot of sports camps that do a lot of different sports all in one camp those are the ones I like. I like those camps because you get to try different sports and you’re exercising. There are camps at Nzone, Dulles Sports Plex, Cub run and there are also camps like Rec Pac and Summer SACC where you do a lot of other things in addition to playing sports. Summer is a great time to have a lot of fun and get fit at the same time.



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