Soccer PRO’s practice during the Summer!

August 1, 2014

The summer time is a perfect time for me to practice as much as I can before high school starts. If I want to play on the Oakton varsity soccer team as a freshmen than I have to be a really good player which means I have to practice a lot. So, it’s very important that I make the most of the summer time and practice as much as I can with all my free time. I have plans on how I’m going to use my summer to prepare for high school soccer like running, and practicing at home, playing with my friends, and going to camps.


When the summer first started I took a little break from soccer so I could get a little rest and relax for a little bit since school just got out. But, then a started riding my bike to soccer fields to play with my friends which is always fun. When we were there we would play little games, world cup, or practice shooting. It was convenient because there was a big shopping center right across the street from the field so, we could go get food and drinks from there. I did this for a while until I realized it was not the most efficient way to train in the summer because even though it was fun playing there, it was really hot, and there were not to many people there to play games now I usually just go in the evening or on weekends when there are more people there.


As the summer went on I started to have more practices and I ended up having four practices a week and two games on the weekend. The reason why I have so much team sessions is because I am currently playing on two teams my regular team (Annandale Boys Club) and my summer team (Washington F.C. ). At home my dad or I will set up different kinds of drills outside with cones to practice my dribbling skills. I do this during the day and then go to practice later; my objective is to try to practice as much as possible.

soccer camp

Right now I am going to camps, camps are very good because you pretty much play soccer all day and on top of that you’re learning. When I go to camp I make sure to bring a lot of water and sunscreen because you’re outside almost all day and it is important to stay hydrated and keep protected from the sun. I prefer to go to camps with my friends because I love to play soccer with my friends. I hope I get to play with more of my friends throughout the summer also, a lot of my good friends that I love to play soccer with are going to different high schools this is sad because we got really close over the school year and then now we have to split up and go to different high schools. My plan for the rest of the summer is to just practice even more than I used to and develop my weak foot.


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