Beach Fitness Fun!

August 1, 2014
headed to the beach

Tons of people head to the beach throughout the summer for vacation because who doesn’t love the beach? Whether you like to walk on the board walk, sit on the beach, or swim in the ocean, you can make beach fitness fun! The beach may be a very fun place to go to so that you can relax, but it’s also a good place to exercise!

A lot of people get in a good workout at the beach without even intending on it! Have you ever noticed how many people just walk around at the beach? Walking is so simple but it’s a good exercise, especially if you’re doing a lot of it! When I was at the beach we would walk everywhere that we could because we had been in the car for hours so we wanted to avoid the car as much as we could. At most beaches there are tons of places that rent out bikes, and that’s because biking around the boardwalk or just around the town is a popular thing. Bike riding is a good work out and it does not take as long as walking. If you spend a lot of time on the beach than you are probably doing a lot of exercise as well because there are lots of things to do on the beach like playing sports like volleyball, soccer, and football. Another thing that kids do at the beach that is a great workout is shoveling! You know how you’ve always wanted to “dig a hole to china” in the sand? Well digging holes in the sand can be quite a workout. Finally, the ocean is a great place to exercise because you’re not only swimming but you’re going against the waves and the currents. Add all of these things together and you get a pretty decent workout! And of course the all time favorite at the beach is riding the waves!


What types of things do you and your family enjoy when you go to the beach? Please share in your comments!

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