Kids in the Kitchen

July 25, 2014

Anything a parent can make a child that they actually will eat is a win. Making something that they want to eat and as a bonus, can make themselves, that makes it a winner. Snacks that involve no hot pans, no ovens, and no knives are really easy to find. My oldest son is very into helping me in the kitchen. That makes me so happy. I am teaching him independence and how to make healthy decisions. He is no top chef but he makes peanut and jelly sandwiches for him and his brother. He knows how crack eggs and mix the right amount of milk and seasoning for his morning eggs. Teaching our kids basics in the kitchen will allow for them to not rely on fast food or premade anything. Here are a couple cute, fun, easy recipes that are kid friendly.

Peanut Butter Banana Wrap

1 Tortilla or Wrap
Peanut Butter
1 Banana

Evenly spread peanut butter on a tortilla or wrap. I have taught my son how to be safe with a butter knife, if you don’t feel your little one is ready then they can spread it on with a spoon.

Peel a banana and roll it up in the wrap.

If you have them handy, you can add raisins, nuts or seeds. Let your kids make decisions like this. See if they know the difference between healthy and not.



Cinnamon Cream Cheese Dip
1 8oz block of low fat Cream Cheese
½ cup plain Greek Yogurt
2 tsp Cinnamon
2-4 tsp honey
Apples to dip with

Let cream cheese soften so it is easy to work with. Mix with yogurt until smooth. Add the cinnamon. Slowly add honey until it is the sweetness you want it. Stir well again.
Serve with sliced apples.


In my opinion food should be fun. Everything you eat should be an adventure. Include your kids in that adventure and let them explore the pantry and refrigerator. They might just surprise you. When eating stops being a chore for them, they will learn how to make healthy choices because it is now their decision. Let’s make sure that the next generation grows up strong and healthy and able to know the difference between good and bad, in the kitchen and in the real world.


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