May 16, 2014

I just got back from my spring break. For spring break my parents and I went to Hilton Head Island, SC. Spring Break 01On the first day of my trip I was just unpacking and getting settled in. On the second day I went walking on a beautiful path near the ocean.

Spring Break 02Then the path led onto the beach, it wasn’t the kind of beach where you would go swimming or play with beach balls. The sand was packed down hard so you could walk on it easily, and there weren’t many people there. But while I was walking I got to talk to my parents and my aunt and uncle came

along (they live there).Spring Break 03 I also got see some really cool stuff! When we were about half way through walking we saw a little stream (it’s the picture to the left). I jumped over it, to get to the other

side, Spring Break 04there was an easier way but it was more fun to jump over it! Since it goes up a little, on the way back when I tried to jump I got a little wet. After I jumped over the stream (the first time) we walked a little further then I


saw a horse-shoe crab. It was dead; Spring Break 05it looked like it had been there for a while. But it was pretty big! Then we walked some more then back. Total I would say the walk was about 4 miles. It was a really good work too, that’s one activity you could do while being on vacation or even just when you’re bored at home.

Spring Break 06The next I went to the beach! I got there around noon so the first thing I did was get a sandwich. Then I built a sandcastle with my aunt. It took about 20 minutes to build the sandcastle, I had a lot of fun with it though. Then once the tide started coming in it looked really cool, because we built a moat around it!

Spring Break 07Then I took a walk on the beach, this beach had lots of people on it. When I was walking it was really nice to look at the sky, it was so perfect. Walking is a great exercise you can do if you love to look at nature and animals.

When I was walking on the beach I found a starfish in the water, it was pretty and big, I put it on one of the towers of the sandcastle. Then when it started to dry up I put it back in the water.

Then my aunt and I played with the Frisbee. When we finished with that we made lines in the sand to make a section look like a soccer field then we used a big blue ball and played soccer. After that we just tossed it back and forth, but since the ball was light and the wind was blowing the ball would go far, so we would get a good workout. The next day I went to the pool. I was staying in a relative’s house so they had a pool in their backyard! I did 15 laps in the pool then I just played around.Spring Break 08 I like to do some laps when I get into the pool before I play around. My first reason is just to get used to the water and get stretched out. My second reason, it’s really good exercise to swim and it’s great for your legs and arms. The day after that I went shopping with my parents, we went to a strip mall so we could stay outside in the beautiful sun! It was pretty good exercise walking around. They also had pretty palm trees. When we were walking we went to a shop they were selling hermit crabs that they painted! That is only one example of what you can see while walking.  It is amazing the kind of stuff you can see while you’re walking! So those are the activities that I did while on vacation. I hope that when you go on vacation you will be able to do some of the activities that I did or do some other fun activities!

All the pictures on this page were actually taken by me on my vacation.

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