May 16, 2014

Most of the kids in my grade stay fit by playing sports! The last sport that I participated in was dancing. I did it for about 2 months then I stopped. I am not doing a sport currently but I plan on participating in a sport this coming fall, and right now I am preparing for it. The sport is softball. I played softball a few years ago and stopped but I would like to start again. I like playing sports because sometimes I just get all this built up energy that I don’t know what to do with, and when you play sports you can let all that energy out!

Lately to get prepared for softball at home I have just been tossing a softball with my dad or my friends. At school we have this program called the Presidential Fitness Award. It is a program for the 3-8th graders.  What you do is there are different categories like, pull ups, push- ups, curl ups, flex-arm hang, sit in reach etc. They have National and Presidential for all of the categories, they determine what you need to get for the category by your age. Anyway I have gotten Presidential in all the categories for the past 2 years and I am going to get it this year.  The hardest category is most peoples opinion (and mine) is the mile run. We have a track at our school, and you have to run around the track 4 times (which is a mile) and then you try to get the Presidential time for your age. Every class runs the mile every month, my class just ran it a couple of days ago, I got the best time I have ever gotten (7minutes and 48 seconds.) This is my 4th year running the mile when I started running the mile I got around 11 minutes. So that just shows that when you practice something hard enough that you can get it. The previous mile that I ran I tried as hard as I could, I was hoping to get at least 8 minutes, put since I tried sooooo hard I got better than I expected. Since in softball you have to run to bases you need to practice running, every time we run the mile at school it helps me get prepared for softball!

Sometimes when I doing something  in the house and someone offers me to go running or go play a soccer game etc. I don’t really want to be active and I just want to keep doing what I’m doing. But when I say yes I am so happy that I did because I feel so much better when I am doing something active! Plus it will help you be very fit and healthy. That’s how my friends stay fit, they all play sports, some of them play soccer, basketball, hockey, swimming, or even gymnastics.  It’s also fun playing a sport because you get to meet new friends and be part of a team!

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