Preparing for High School Varsity Soccer

April 14, 2014

To prepare for high school soccer the most important thing you must have to have is commitment. Soccer in general requires a lot of running, and if you really want to stand out you have to have stellar ball skills as well. Having stellar ball skills requires training with the ball every day! Personally I prefer to play a much more technical game than you would see in an English game. In my opinion, footwork is what makes a player a good player or a bad player. To develop such skills takes enormous amount of time so, Commitment is key! Your friends can be out there always having a good time but I have learned that to become a great player you have to sacrifice a lot of things including time with your friends. For instance, just the other day I was invited by hundreds of my friends to hang out with them and I really wanted to. I even argued with my father to skip my practice but he denied my request and I went to practice which upset my friends but I had a great practice and learned a lot. My dad taught me that day that sacrifices have to be made to become the best you can be! Now to get to the main point, although I will only be a little freshman next year at Oakton HS my goal is to play on The Varsity team which of course is only a stepping-stone to signing that 4.5 million dollar contract with FC Barcelona in the future. To prepare for such things I’m willing to sacrifice time from everyday of my summer to practice/prepare for Oakton next year. I am already practicing as much as I can at home outside of my practices with my team. I practice juggling, shooting, passing, coordination, and most importantly ball control. But with all this bad weather, I have not had as much valuable time in my yard so I have been left with doing what I can in my basement. In the future I will start training to increase my stamina by running. Also, I will need to start doing push-ups and lifting weights but you do not want to lift too much because you don’t want to become too big for the game. Having strength in your upper-body and lower-body is key to being a successful player, especially in my case. If I want to be a freshman on the Oakton Varsity soccer team I will have to be strong to play with older kids so I can avoid being pushed around like a ragdoll. Also, being as strong as I can be will help me kick the ball harder and run faster. It is also very important to have a lot of stamina because I will need to be able to keep up with the older kids for long periods of time if I want to do well. Fitness, Coordination, Ball-Control, Proper technique, and confidence are all you need to be a successful player in the long run but it starts today… you have to commit yourself to the game!

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