Favorite teams

April 14, 2014

Soccer is my favorite sport and my passion. I love playing it and I like to watch it sometimes. My favorite soccer teams are USA, Honduras, F.C. Barcelona and Brazil. I know that some of these are international teams, but I still love watching them play. I am also very excited to see the players from Barcelona on their world cup teams, playing against all these teams. My family and I are very excited for the world cup and will have our hands full with all of the games; it will be awesome.
USA is one of my favorite teams because it is my homeland, and I will always root for them. We may still have a long way to go in the eyes of the soccer world, but we have heart, tenacity, and the will to compete at any level of the world’s most popular game. USA has the respect of the world’s soccer super powers because we are prepared, fit, and well coached. Judging by USA’s game against Mexico recently, USA should be a dangerous factor in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this year; hopefully they will go fairly far this year.

The next team that I have a passion for is Honduras. Honduras is part of the roots of my existence. My father was born there along with most of my family on his side. They always root for the blue and white. Soccer in Honduras is a religion. There is even a law that lets workers and students take off from work and school to watch there national team play. I also like the way Honduras plays because the players are very flamboyant like a peacock, passionate, and athletic. I hope USA and Honduras meet somewhere in the World Cup.

FC Barcelona is no doubt one of the best teams on the planet, proving this with their win against Real Madrid during the El Classico game. They have the 5’ 6”, magical, phenomenal Lionel Messi, who is one of my favorite players behind Ronaldinho. Messi is easily the best in the world. Of course others may argue about Ronaldo being better. Barcelona’s first touch rhythm is the best in all Europe. Other teams struggle to keep up when they play them. Most of the players on Barcelona, especially Neymar, have out-of-this-world skills which is why I like them. Barcelona is also very sportsman-like and is a good role model for other teams.

Last but not least I love Brazil and their style of play. They have produced some of the best players that ever lived like Ronaldinho, my favorite player in the whole world. Brazil is almost always favored to win when they play. They have the up-beat tempo and the footwork of samba dancers. When their foot skills and samba come together it makes their footwork insane. Watching them play is a thing of beauty, and when they mess up you hardly notice it. What I love about Brazil is that they exhibit all there love, passion, and talents with every touch on the ball.

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