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How to Stay Healthy and Fit

May 29, 2013

By Da’Quan Givens, MECKids Blog Ambassador

Stop with your bad habits, the other ones you might be able to just reduce. Habits in the “quit” category would be smoking, drugs, unsafe sex and other unhealthy addictions. There’s just no way to do any of these in a “healthy” way. It might take some time, but it’s worth it if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. There are some habits that are not so bad, but can easily become a problem if taken too far. These include alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and junk food. Get your check up, get to your doctor for your annual physical just to make sure you are in your best health. If you have insurance, usually these services are covered, so take full advantage of your benefits. That being said know your own body so that you are aware when something seems awry. Get exams regularly even if you are healthy, so that if and when something is abnormal, you know. Sleep affects our physical and mental health tremendously, and many of us do not get enough. Lack of sleep adversely affects metabolism, mood, concentration, memory, motor skills, stress hormones and even the immune system and cardiovascular health. Sleep allows the body to heal, repair and rejuvenate itself in a way it simply cannot when a person is awake. Even if you just get out for a walk a few times a week, exercise is important for being fit and healthy. Cardiovascular exercise helps to strengthen the heart and lungs, while strength training helps to strengthen the muscles and stretching helps to reduce the risk of injury by increasing flexibility. Exercise also improves circulation and body awareness, and regular exercise can help with depression.



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