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Ever Heard of NCCPUD?

March 28, 2013

Ever heard of NCCPUD? National Capital Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking? If you haven’t, shame on you! Just kidding.

Not only am I a MEC Kid ambassador but I am also a NCCPUD advocate. At NCCPUD we endorse healthy lifestyles by not only preventing underage drinking and unhealthy activities such as smoking and drinking, but also by showing them what they could and should be participating in instead. Some activities would include joining organizations such as NCCPUD and MECKids which can help you engage into wonderful positive activities, as well as staying active. These events influence teens to understand that a positive lifestyle is the better way to go. Keeping your body fit does not only mean eating healthy and staying active but also maintaining a positive lifestyle that will create a better future for you.

Also remember the healthier, the better!

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